Random hotguts (thoughts!)

01/19/2021 – So tired of people being scared of dirt, scared to go outside (I know I dont go outside.. preference, not fear), scared to catch a cold.. I’m not that old but I ain’t no fuckin pussy (should I say dick? Pussies are quite tough, having babies and getting grabbed by Trump and whatnot). Back in my day if we dropped a half done piece of chicken on the counter, we still ate it. Ya, we still wiped the counters off with bleach ‘cuz we’re not total degenerate scum. And ya, we did try to cook it until the center was 180 degrees but back then, we couldn’t afford thermometers for us and poultry. The extra one was in case we run out of those plastic sleeves. I’m just saying.. when Apple starts ‘Fitbit Auto Healer’, mofo’s gonna be crying for jesus every time they get a bruise. “Shut your little bitch ass up, ‘lil Timmy! I’m writing! I’ll install some more Google Earth sensors on your kneepads later. Just don’t forget to turn ’em off when you’re suckin’ dick!” Too far? Yup. Put your mask on and shut up.

01/03/2021 – Craic “krak”

Part of speech: noun Origin: Irish, 1970s

1. Enjoyable social activity. 2. A good time.

Example: My neighbors must’ve had good craic yesterday because they were up all night.

01/02/2021 – I think we get sick because of all the bull shit in our lives. Information overload of immense proportions, internal and external, stream of grade A bull SHIT. I don’t think I have to explain much more. Because this is universal. Everyone gets sick and everyone is tired of some bs. When we get sick, we expel all or most (hopefully) of this, through our ass, nose, mouth, ears, pores, thoughts… good lord, every opening on our body is capable of trying to balance our yin yang. Sometimes we have too much yang and not enough yen, ya know? Now, I’m not a pothead but this does seem like a good spot for my new adfiliate, Grasscity. It’s good for your soul, brotha. (Then some shit about responsibility, liability, oxymoronic endorsement statement.. bs.. you don’t need that shit.)

More computing power equals more powerful networks and greater computing efficiency. I was watching some documentary on Netflix.. “Dirty Money”, and in the movie something was said about sending Goldman Sachs to Asia. As a normal routine of reflection on my life, I always have th he Matrix movie in mind. So, I’m thinking, “more people in a country, more batteries.” Call me crazy but I’ve been predicting weird shit the entire 2020 year. Doesn’t do any good and isn’t worth a simple fuck but if I see a rabbit on a pretty girl, sorry babe, I’m following.

Been talking up crypto’s lately but loved this article. And it brought up some interesting perspectives.. I’ll share.. just the other day, I told my wife “I think the government created bitcoin. When is the last time something big was invented and none knew who did it? Nobody gives a fuck about Lief Erikson (spelling? See!) but we still know about him. And they can watch me piss from my toilet seat these days and they cant track this guy (or gal.. more likely..) Either they invented it or wacked the guy that did.” (I added a lot in the quotations that wasny said but sounded good didnt it?)

Anyway, if you’re confused, opportunity is opportunity. And risk is.. everywhere. If I ever said buy bitcoin, it was a typo. Although, I do not condemn (or some other synonym. I just woke up, thesaurus will take too long to pull up and I’d rather talk shit) buying bitcoin, but of you’re broke like me, it makes sense to obtain an asset that is rising in value, for free. Cash out when you need it. Risk= 0 (or time or personal data.. things you [I] were gonna waste anyway) Reward = unlimited. Bitcoin drops down to .01 and you’re still at 100% return. How does it feel to be the brokest mofo that out performs the dow Jones index fund?
Now, about the money being created from thin air..

#1 aside from how did we get here and what is our purpose in life, the greatest unanswered question of all time… (had to sell my drum for food 🙁 ) where did money come from? I’ll speculate.. Adam and eve had a farm and cane and able were the first workers but unhappy with their, well, without pay, forming the first strike and union workers bs.. that forbidden tree none was supposed to touch? You guessed it. Money tree. 2 Federal reserve after 1970. (Ain’t gotta drum but I got crickets!) *crickets chirping* 3 People pay fiat currency for bitcoin *drops mic*

*walks back and picks up mic* I might need that.
What are your thoughts?

Inspired by article: http://whatbusiness.org/when-they-are-done-with-bitcoin-it-will-be-the-biggest-scam-of-21st-century