Although, crypto’s are seen to be high risk investments, we can see their influence gaining in popularity in our current economic situation. From my personal research, it seems that blockchain technology will be a resource for many different applications in the not so distant future. Given that crypto’s are high risk, they can potentially be highly rewarding. I am trying to take advantage of this trend by gaining as many crypto’s as I can, without spending any money. Now, I do hold a couple of stocks that track bitcoin but I focus on free cryptocurrency apps. Can’t beat 100+% returns, right?

Coinbase pays you with different crypto’s for learning about them. Don’t quote me on this but i believe you get $10 in bitcoin for signing up through this link, in addition to other amounts of different currency, while supplies last and doesn’t require any deposit to get started or collect. I’m also not sure if the codes I have differ, but I’ll add the other links, soon, for Stellar Lumens, Compound, and Dao Makers? Will be adding pics of my personal account, just to show the interface.

Cryptotab browser Mine bitcoin from your smartphone or desktop. Also, receive additional bitcoin for inviting your friends to mine with you. Check the video section and photo gallery for updates.

Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs with over 9 million users. Currently, Pi holds no value but you can mine it for free on your smartphone or desktop. Pressing a button two or three times a week could potentially make you rich, or you could still be broke, if its not valued high enough or at all but you won’t even be out of time so, reward:risk is in your favor. Once Pi reaches 10 million users it can half or even stop minting so, I would jump on this. They were giving away 1 Pi for joining but I’m not sure if that deal is still going. Just in case, be sure to use my referral id: madskillz.

Sweatcoin is another free digital token with no value. Receive sweatcoins for walking (or driving.. it says that shaking< or bumping does not work but I didn't see anything about driving.. shhh). Sweatcoins can then be redeemed for merchandise or used in auction for certain items and on the rare occasion, cash via paypal. The greatest benefit of this one is that Sweatcoins can be used to contribute to some charities. If you enjoy helping others but your money is tight, put a couple miles on Pete and Joe and contribute for free!

Although Phoneum is showing 154% profit in the last 30 days, the price per token is only $0.0001080 USD. However, after earning 20,000 Phoneum, through cooud-mining, on your smartphone, your tokens are available for staking. If you are new to the crypto lingo, staking is earning interest on your crypto. Don’t know who still uses savings accounts but with the fiat currency’s interests rates these days, I’d imagine one would have to pay the bank to hold his/her money. I have not seen many crypto’s offer under 2% APY so, this would be nice to buy on a dip and profit from a price move or just the interest earned. Must have over 400,000 tokens for 2% rate or will only yield 1%. There is a price chart in the app that shows the incremental step-up of interest per amount of tokens. Use this code to receive 200 PHT: gu9hfwbv.