Besides trading and staking cryptocurrency and trading foreign exchange, I am working on building several different sources of income including, investing in REITs (real estate investment trusts) and other dividend yielding equities, periodically trading other stock equities and sometimes (when a wild hair crawls up my ass.. bout time for a wax) buying and selling option calls and puts, working as an independent contractor doing remodeling and whatever duty calls for, building electronic derivatives (or at least, taking everything apart that I own and planning on building from Indian Youtube videos.. be watching for ane explosion.. or a slow-motion implosion), learning full stack web development (and anything else my brain can absorb despite many past years of obsessive/excessive drug usage), and the full-time job of dealing with my wife (which is actually a liability and usually counter-productive when trying to earn or save money but what’s business without liabilities? ADE ER..).

Listed, are other resources that I use. Full transparency: if you sign up, I may earn a few cents or commission. When I become a billionaire from Guiness World Records largest referral network, I won’t forget about you.

It would take an insurmountable amount of work to make a considerable profit with many of these but it has been done and with consistency and dedication you may find a niche. Drop a comment. What’s your trade?

I have many more to add and in the future, updates will be uploaded to the News+ post page before adding directly to this page.

Brave – You’ve seen me advertise the Cryptotab browser but I am starting to prefer the Brave.com browser for a few reasons:

  1. Privacy centric browser, similar to DuckDuckGo, speaking of which, you can allow, along with a few others, to be the default search engine. Brave does not collect your personal data but does show you ass related to your interests if you allow. You earn BAT (basic attention token) when you allow ads and can even have the regular tracking ads replaced with non-tracking Brave ads. When I visited my site, for example, many of my Amazon ads would not show up. Be a of this, I would suggest you use a normal browser when visiting this website or,…
  2. …contribute some of your earned BAT to my site. One of the cool perks of this browser is the option to contribits some of your earnings to Brave-verified publisher’s (pick me, pick me!). This shows your support for website developers that you appreciate and helps to offset any revenue missed by the displacement of ads. You can even make monthly contributions.
  3. Brave uses the latest blockchain technology. I was able to learn a good bit from reading about the protocols in place, via a little research.
  4. Earnings are much higher. As a fan of the Chrome browser, the only reasons I use any other browser is functionality and money. I have no problems with functions on my mobile devices so,my preference boils down to how much I can earn. I wrote a post on FB about how I was concerned about the payment from Cryptotab browser. I did receive my payment but one month of Brave payed more than my whole earning period with Cryptotab and Brave pays out every month, instead of having to wait for a specific amount or purchase boost packs and such. It’s also free, unlike Cryptotab browser Pro which, requires a monthly subscription.

Quora – Earn money through Quora’s partner program, asking and answering questions. Earnings are quite low and participants complain about the algorithm but this is a good site to pass time and earn a little income. If you are a decent writer, there is an increased chance of profit. The link is to my space on Quora, Madskillz Trade Geniuses, of course.

Latium – Freelance website where you can get paid for web design, transcribing, video editing, writing, etc. You also get paid for referring others. Payment for most feeelance work is in Bitcoin or Euthereum.

ySense – Get paid for surveys, tasks, and of course, referrals. ySense uses Payoneer, PayPal, or Skrill for payout.

Cash app – This was my first exposure to crypto’s; although, I never actually traded on the app. My friend needed me to send another friend, from my hometown, some money. I had no idea how to use the app and before I knew it, I had successfully sent him $20, within seconds. The way to make money, besides trading, is getting friends to sign up. Use the link here and we both receove $15. Then, repeat the process with your friends. Check the app for details but i think whoever signs up just has to link a bank account and send $5 to whomever they choose. This code may only be for $5 because it seems to change at times but the code is:FVFCQCX