Most of the books listed here, I have read and found helpful. Many of them I have actually purchased but free is always better than paying, given one is determined to do something. The reason I say that is because of different psychological studies on price and marketing. Personally, I prefer items that were priced as valuable but received free. That way my psychology and pocket will remain in tact 😉

My point is that if your budget is tight, some of these books can be found on YouTube and possibly other places, for free. I, also, have most of them linked to Amazon’s audible program which, offers discounted prices on some kindle editions and free trial or a couple of free audio books, depending on the product.

I listened to this book on YouTube. You can search for it on YT platform or click the link and obtain free audiobook from Audible (don’t quote me on that but I am 95% sure).


I own this book and really enjoyed the content. It seems to me to be more fundamental, as far as analysis. I have some pictures on my FB page but I don’t think I have submitted them on Amazon, yet.