Unstoppable Domains

Introducing Unstoppable Domains. Ready for the future? Institutions are slowly adopting more and more crypto protocols but it’s not too late to jump in.

Unstoppable Domains includes a cast network of blockchain applications, showcasing the versatility, adaptability and overall usefulness of this new technology.

This website allows you to turn your crypto wallet address into a domain so, instead of some long hash that’s easy to lose that you would rather not even keep up with or invest any money, for fear of entering one wrong character and losing money forever, you receive a simple domain such as, cantTouchthis.crypto or smile.crypto..whatever.. easy to remember.

Then, of course, there is the referral and affiliate network that rewards you got sharing this unique service.
In their page of blockchain partners, I noted around 50 companies that may have some helpful services, as well, and many of them can even be used to pay for domain so, say you have some earned rewards in your coinbase wallet, from my understanding, you should be able to use that to pay or pay on any services and if I read correctly, with no feed but be sure to read through the terms yourself.

Always something new these days. Exciting times.